October 24 2019

The 7th Fair more Comprehensive than Ever!

The 7th Fair more Comprehensive than Ever!

The “Supply Chain & Logistics - Cargo Truck & Van Expo” Fair, after being held for 12 years and given the successful cooperation between the fields of the Supply Chain and Professional Vehicle, has emerged as a meeting point for all the professionals who are involved in the export trade, the management of the supply chain and related sectors.

 o.mind Creatives, having inaugurated a newphilosophy in the Fair experience, continues offering exhibitors services of interconnection and cooperation, thus empowering the B2B meeting platform not only among exhibitors but also among interested parties from the Greek and the whole international market.

 At the same time, paying particular attention to raising the international profile of the Fair, o.mind Creatives continues the cooperation with bilateral Chambers of Commerce, embassies and foreign bodies in anticipation of the participation of foreign companies either individually or possibly via national pavilions. Our target is the strengthening of the collaboration between Greek and international companies, the conclusion of agreements as well as the boosting of trade and supply chain services.

 With the core message ‘WE BUILD INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS’, the organizing company o.mind Creatives and the Supply Chain & Logistics magazine invite you once again to become fellow travelers in the journey towards jointly seeking the ‘tools’ which will lead our market to the future.

 - The Growth Philosophy of the Fair -

 With the Greek Logistics gradually conquering the place it deserves in the broader entrepreneurial area and the National Plan for the transformation of the country into a ‘vital’ Logistics Hub for South-Eastern Europe being fully under way, the organization of the uniquein its field 7th “Supply Chain & Logistics - Cargo Truck & Van Expo 2019” Fair on November, 9-10-11, 2019 could not possibly be more topical or vitally important!

 o.mind Creatives, the organizing company and publisher of the market periodical Supply Chain & Logistics magazine, invite you all, Exhibitors, State representatives, Bodies - Supporters, National Participations and internationally renowned exhibitors to ‘Build International Networks’ of cooperation and promotion of modern Supply Chain services in a broad globalised market.

 The upgraded transport infrastructures, the transnational agreements for cooperation on the level of Combined Transport, the Development ‘wind’ which is blowing in the two major ports of our country, those of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, as well as a number of investments which are expected in 2019 createan environment of ‘recognition’ of the Supply Chain field, which through the new technology and the ‘tools’ of the Industry 4.0, is now turning into a Value Chain, creating International Cooperation Networks.

 The 7th 'Supply Chain & Logistics - Cargo Truck & Van Expo 2019' event will take place at the state-of-the-art METROPOLITAN EXPO exhibition center at El. Venizelos ”(end of Attica Road).

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