Freight exchange platform

Practical Innovation

Freights is an innovative platform that makes a difference in the hands of each transport company. Every business in the field of international transport has now direct access to all necessary information to simplify their next routes and make their collaborations more efficient.

  • Now you can easily find freights and/or vehicles according to specified criteria and never miss out on an opportunity.
  • Constantly updated professional agenda with all the information that every carrier or freight forwarder needs.
  • Save time and money by speeding up processes in the most valid and effective way.
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  • Through Freights, every company in the transport field, can benefit and develop using the tools we provide:

  • Constant network expansion through access to a large community of transport professionals.

  • Gradual growth of turnover through contact with a rapidly growing business network providing you reliable collaborations in every part of Europe.

  • Now you can expand your collaborations to new destinations and markets by using the tools we provide to connect you with the right people.

  • With Freights you can feel secure before taking the next step and confident while you are on the go.

Safety on Freights

We rely on transparent collaborations. That’s why our goal is to connect you to the network of professionals that is most useful to you, ensuring that we are providing efficient information and valuable partners.

We are very thorough with all our subscription requests, so that every professional you contact and each information you acquire, through Freights, is as valid and updated as can be.

We confirm that every transaction or interface you make through Freights, is completely secure. We provide all the necessary information and the appropriate certificates for our associates.

However, if an economical dispute occurs between the users, we provide legal advice by our third-party legal contractor, specialized in transportation and forwarding law.


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